In many businesses, posters are seen as an integral part of advertising to help it grow. But often too many unregulated or illegal posters or advertising placed incorrectly can lead to an urban space looking shabby and uncared for. uMhlanga UIP precinct manager Dewet Geldenhuys tells us about the uMhlanga UIP’s poster management system that ensures posters are kept in check.

What does the uMhlanga UIP’s poster management entail?

Our poster management entails managing all legal and unauthorised posters and signage erected within the UIP boundaries, including estate agent boards, pole signage and sandwich boards on sidewalks.

Does this include graffiti?

Yes, graffiti is removed without hesitation as it clutters and spoils the look of any property.

How often do you need to take posters down?

Approved posters are taken down 48 hours after the expiry date. We send photos of unauthorised advertising and signage to the municipality who will act if illegal and request immediate removal. The bylaws also require posters to be 2,4m off the ground and no signage of the same nature can be within 150m of each other.

Is there any special technique to get posters and graffiti off walls?

We use Graffiti removal for Graffiti and posters are normally cut down. Repainting over Graffiti is sometimes required.

Why is poster management important in the precinct?

Illegal or unauthorised signage creates clutter in the urban space demonstrating poor management of an area. Our poster management processes forms one part of our overall mandate to keep the uMhlanga UIP clean, green and beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

A note on estate agent boards in the uMhlanga UIP

Estate agents and agencies are, through the uMhlanga Estate Agents Code of Conduct, encouraged to report cases of estate agent board non-compliance to uMhlanga UIP precinct manager, Dewet Geldenhuys ( cell 084 429 8523). The UIP will treat this information confidentially and notify the respective agency of non-compliance.



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