The uMhlanga UIP has embarked on a special project to repair and revamp sections of Durban View Park. This popular space services a range of users in different ways and this revamp project aims to attend to those areas of heavy traffic. The work is expected to take about 2 weeks to complete and will include:

  • A paved pathway across the grass from the water fountain to the parking area for ease of use and protection of the grass
  • New swings to replace those that have been damaged and general maintenance of the jungle gym
  • Filling in of the areas under the swing that have been worn from use.
  • Re-staking of all trees and revamp of flower beds
  • Repairs to damaged bollards throughout the park
  • New bollards installed near the power box to prevent parking on the pavement that damage the grass and curb stones and blocks the flow of traffic.
  • New grass in the bare patches throughout the park and general grass care throughout the park

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