Comparative Analysis of the uMhlanga Rocks UIPs Annual Perception Surveys

Data capturing for the 2023/24 UUIP Annual Perception Survey took place between November 2023 – January 2024. The survey captured insights from 252 members in which have been summarised and laid out in an infographic. The comparison between the two previous uMhlanga UIP Annual Perception Surveys provides valuable insights into the evolving dynamics of the precinct, shedding light on areas of improvement and noteworthy achievements.

Demographic Shifts:

While the number of respondents increased slightly from 238 to 252, the proportion of residents participating decreased from 66% to 60%, while visitors increased from 29% to 40%. This shift in demographics suggests a broader engagement with stakeholders, potentially enriching the diversity of feedback and perspectives.

Visitor Experience:

The 2023/24 survey revealed a higher percentage of first-time visitors (46%) compared to 2022/23 (31%), indicating a continuous influx of newcomers to uMhlanga. Leisure remains the primary purpose of visitation, with a slight decrease observed in business-related visits from 27% in 2022/23 to 24% in 2023/24.

Safety and Cleanliness:

Both surveys affirm the precinct’s focus on safety and cleanliness, with high percentages of respondents feeling safe during both day and night visits. Notably, there was a significant improvement in the perceived cleanliness of beaches and promenades, with the percentage rating them as exceeding expectations rising from 7.1% to 37.3% in our latest survey.

Overall Experience and Business Confidence:

The average overall experience rating of the precinct increased from 6.8/10 to 7.55/10, indicating a positive shift in visitor satisfaction. Similarly, the average business confidence rating rose from 6.58/10 to 7.23/10 over the same period, reflecting growing confidence among stakeholders in the precinct’s business environment.

Challenges and Concerns:

Despite improvements, challenges persist, notably taxi and bus congestion, beach water quality/closures, and sewerage infrastructure. Addressing these concerns remains crucial for sustaining positive growth and maintaining the precinct’s reputation as a premier destination.

Insights and Recommendations:

The comparative analysis underscores the importance of leveraging stakeholder feedback to drive targeted interventions and initiatives aimed at enhancing visitor experiences and addressing identified challenges. By focusing on continuous improvement and proactive precinct management, uMhlanga UIP can further elevate its status as a leading destination, offering exceptional experiences for residents and visitors alike.

In conclusion, the findings from the previous two uMhlanga UIP Annual Perception Surveys provide valuable insights into the precinct’s evolution, guiding strategic decision-making and fostering a culture of ongoing improvement within the UIP.

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