Update On Major Sewage Spill In Blackburn Village

The sewage spill in Blackburn Village was reported to the municipality on Tuesday the 27th of August 2019. Therafter, the Pollution and Environmental Department were contacted and have been since attending to the situation.

Upon further investigation this morning (Monday – 2 Sept), after numerous complaints were made about the adour around the uMhlanga Lagoon and river area, photos were taken that show the amount of raw sewage flowing into the river approximately 100 meters from the pump station, therefore causing the putrid odour and death of fish in the area.

The municipality attempted to repair the issue over the past weekend (31 Aug – 1 Sept 2019), however, were unable to repair the fault due to the severity of the damaged pipe. A specialist team will be brought in tomorrow (Tuesday – 3 Sept 2019), who are better equipped to carry out the repair.