uMhlanga Forest Boardwalk Kiosk – Concessionaire / Operator Request for Proposals (RFP)

16 September 2021 


The uMhlanga Promenade UIP Non-Profit Company has entered a MoU with Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife to allow the UIP to raise funds for, implement and maintain the new forest boardwalk. The MoU provides for the UIP to generate funds to support this project’s sustainability. This includes generating revenue from the recently revamped old ablution facility which has now been refurbished, secured with an alarm and CCTV system, and upgraded to include power, water and Wi-Fi – this to enable a food and beverage concessionaire / operator to successfully operate the kiosk. The kiosk is located 250m north of the current paved uMhlanga Promenade, on the new raised boardwalk.

1. Qualifying criteria of the Concessionaire / Operator 

  1. 1. Must be a local existing “destination” brand with a substantial client base beyond uMhlanga Rocks   
  1. 2. Quality food and beverage delivery aligned to the natural environment 
  1. 3.  Food & beverage counter service only 
  1. 4.  Demonstrate a commitment to growth and development of South African youth in the F&B sector  
  1. 5.  Employment of local skilled personnel 
  1. 6.  Owner must invest operational time and interest on site

2. F&B service delivery standards   

       2.1. Operationally low carbon footprint providing a quality coffee and accompaniments concept and high standard of delivery 

       2.2. Quality selection of food, hot and cold beverages that aligns to the concept and environment  

       2.3. Operating equipment and packaging that minimises carbon footprint


3. Duration of concession lease   

        3.1. Three-year lease with the option to renew annually in favour of the operator 

       3.2. Quarterly review of services and standards rendered – SLA to be agreed to and adopted. 

       3.3. The lease will be terminable on a 30-day notice period should service standards not be maintained as required by the UIP 

       3.4. The lease to run concurrent with the Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife MoU. 


4. Donation methodology paid monthly to the UIP (this is in lieu of rental)

        4.1. A recognised, auditable point of sale system   

        4.2. 8% of gross total monthly turnover will be paid as a donation to the UIP monthly by the 7th of the following month


5. Opening date 

       5.1. 30 November 2021 


6.Minimum operating hours 

      6.1. Summer: As proposed by operator  

      6.2. Winter: As proposed by operator  

     Note: Times can be subject to trade-friendly weather 


7.  What will be provided by the UIP 

     7.1. Kiosk as viewed on 23 September 

     7.2. 65-amp power supply  

     7.3. Wi-Fi availability 

     7.4. Internal fixtures and furniture to be assessed and agreed  

     7.5. Service access point off the boardwalk  


8. Responsibilities of the concessionaire / operator 

     8.1. Security monthly costs: 

         8.1.1. Alarm installation and monitoring at R528,96 ex Vat 

         8.1.2. CCTV installation and monitoring at R2 021,85 ex Vat 

     8.2. Internal maintenance of both the kiosk and ablution facilities and septic tank (septic tank suitable toilet paper and cleaning materials must be utilised)  

    8.3. Daily cleaning of: 

        8.3.1. Internal areas including kiosk and ablutions facilities  

        8.3.2.  External areas including deck and immediate kiosk related litter in the surrounding forest  

    8.4. General hygiene practices subject to municipal health & safety standards and inspection  

   8.5. Restocking: Utilise an appropriate, approved delivery system for utilisation on the boardwalk and promenade e.g. pull cart


9. Concessionaire application information to be provided in ONE PDF document in the following order  

    9.1. Name of registered company and registration number  

    9.2. List of company owners and shareholders 

    9.3. Tax Clearance Certificate  

    9.4. Name and location of local existing “destination” brand   

    9.5. Brief history of trading – how long have you been trading for? 

    9.6. Personnel plan 

    9.7. Social responsibilities and / or initiatives in place 

    9.8. Menu, description and cost of your product offering 

    9.9. Value adds 

    9.10. Commitment to operating hours 

    9.11. Operational carbon footprint plan   

    9.12. Appropriate signage and branding plan subject to approval 

    9.13. Layout, fixtures and fittings plan 

    9.14. Brief motivation why you should be the preferred operator / concessionaire 


10. Application process and timing 

     10.1. September: RFP open for submissions, sent via the UUIP newsflash and to interested parties 

     10.2.  September: Kiosk available for inspection from 10am to 1pm by potential operators / concessionaires.  

     10.3. October: Deadline for submission 

     10.4. October: submission application acknowledged via email by the UUIP  

     10.5.  October: UIP Task Team to consider and shortlist applications  

     10.6. October: UIP notifies shortlisted operators of 15-minute presentation to UIP board on 22 October 

     10.7. October: Prospective operator / concessionaire presentation to UIP Board 

     10.8. October: Operator / concessionaire appointed  

     10.9.  November: Appointed operator opens the Coffee Kiosk 


Applications to be submitted by 8 October via email (all documents to be scanned into one document) to: 

Melanie Rosettenstein (uMhlanga UIP communications) 


Cell:    073 984 0316 


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