With our on-the-ground COVID-19 response to continue providing essential services with an emphasis on security to the uMhlanga Rocks Precinct, the management team has wasted no time mitigating the lock-down’s potential long term financial impacts and preparing the precinct for economic recovery following this period.

Looking ahead, the UIP management team and board  have reviewed the budgets to contain costs should the lock-down be extended past the end of April. The aim was to save costs and ensure cash-flow sustainability while still achieving the UIP’s objectives: Optimally managing a crime-free, clean and well-maintained precinct which is ready for making up lost economic ground once the lock-down is over. uMhlanga UIP Precinct Manager Dewet Geldenhuys says: “Reviewing the budget and containing costs where possible will help us ease the economic strain following the lock-down and still ensure we’re able to continue delivering essential services and protecting private property.”

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