Comfortably a month into lockdown level three, the deserted streets of April and May are a distant memory. In June the uMhlanga UIP heartily welcomed the opening of businesses and the return of people to the precinct. But more human activity has inevitably led to an increase in security related incidents, cleansing and maintenance requirements and of course a spike in rubbish collections from those experienced during level four and five. These elements highlight the need and benefits of managed precincts.

While the general population hunkered down to flatten the curve, the uMhlanga UIP remained committed to ensuring uninterrupted service delivery during hard lockdown and introduced twice-daily site inspections by UIP management whilst continuing with a 24/7 security service. This ensured the precinct remained safe, clean, cared for and ready for post lockdown economic recovery.  

The uMhlanga UIP reported a drop against the regular statistics in key service areas such as waste collection quantities and criminal incidents during hard lockdown with a slight uptick as restrictions lifted.

Compared to April 2019 where 2500 rubbish bags were collected and filled, only 1500 rubbish bags were collected in April 2020. Similarly, crime incidents were right down with zero incidents reported in April with a small increase in May.

uMhlanga UIP precinct manager Dewet Geldenhuys comments: β€œAreas such as uMhlanga, a key business and tourist node, need people to thrive but challenges like crime and grime go hand in hand with human activity. The stats we’ve seen simply demonstrate the importance of having a strong precinct management solution that counteracts these issues and ensures a clean, safe and prosperous precinct.”

The uMhlanga UIP encourages all those who live and work in the precinct to play their part to keep rubbish generation rates down and to remain vigilant to crime threats. Please click here to view our top business crime prevention tips.

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