Today, 23rd February 2015 is the last day for objections or comments on the proposed Tidal Pool in uMhlanga Rocks.

Official timeframes are:

  1. Objection / comment period closes on 23rd February 2015 – For those who submitted objections and comment a response is provided for in this report housed in Dropbox.
  2. For those who have not commented or who wish to submit objection it is recommended that responses to the first round of objections are read first and ideally the full report Click here to view Umhlanga Tidal Pool Final Report Jan 2015 – housed in Dropbox.

The report can also be viewed at the uMhlanga Public Library in Lighthouse Mall on Chartwell Drive. Be advised that any argument / objections / appeal is best based on fact rather than emotion.

Objections to be forwarded to:

  • Yugeshni Govender the adjudicating official at KZN Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs
  • CC in – John Marshall of Environmental Planning and Design who produced the environmental report
  • CC in – Brian Wright UIP project leader who will consolidate the various submission from property and business owners and resubmit to the KZN Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs

*Please also ensure that the department’s reference number is included (DM/0055/2012)

Note that in respect of those who previously submitted comments, the EAP’s responses to each comment are contained in the section of the report that is Appendix E (Volume 3) / “Comments and Responses” or click on this Drop box link

If you have an objection, this is your last chance to table it.