uMhlanga UIP at Work / Urban Improvement Precinct / eThekwini Municipality (Album)

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Update On The Washed-Up Whale Carcass

Please note that the whale carcass was removed overnight. The damage to the promenade area is minimal. The EThekwini Municipality Parks Department staff are currently busy cleaning the last of the fragments left behind. The vicinity still has quite a strong smell…
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Beached Whale Carcass

Urgent Notice: Please note that swimming is banned in uMhlanga due to the Humpback Whale carcass that has washed up this morning. The carcass is now decomposing. Wind and current have the Cetacean beached south of uMhlanga lighthouse. Watch the…
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Waste Collection Service Interruption

UPDATE: Please take note that the DSW strike is now over and refuse removal will now continue as normal. Cleansing and Solid Waste Unit (CSW) is experiencing service interruption due to an ongoing illegal strike action by EPWP workers. Refuse…
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Sewer Spills Reported

Please note that the uMhlanga UIP are aware of the three sewer spills which are currently on the uMhlanga Promenade, Chartwell Drive in the uMhlanga Village and Marine Drive. Pictured here are images of the spills specifically on the promenade…
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Rescue Buoys At Various Spots On uMhlanga Beaches

We are proud to announce that rescue buoys have been strategically placed on the uMhlanga beaches. A sign explaining what should be done in the case of a water emergency and the accompanying yellow buoy are now available to assist…
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Update On Sewage Spill In Blackburn Village – 5 September 2019

The latest update regarding the sewage spill at the pump station in Blackburn Village as at 5th September 2019, is that a site visit was conducted this morning with no change in the flow of sewage into the Ohlanga river.…
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Oceans uMhlanga Development Resumes

Contruction workers are currently busy on site of the Oceans uMhlanga development, as contruction has now resumed, after being halted as of October last year. This will be the largest mixed use development in South Africa and will consist of…
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