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Matric Rage 2019 Continues

Matric Rage 2019 is still taking place and we are glad to report that no serious incidents have taken place! We would like to wish all the local and visiting young adults an enjoyable and safe rest of Matric Rage…
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Sub-Adult Dolphin Comes Ashore at Umhlanga Beach

At 05h30 on Sunday morning the 24th of October morning, the KZN Marine Stranding Network  were alerted to a dolphin caught between some rocks and a sandbank in the vicinity of Grannies pool, Umhlanga Rocks beach. A large pod of…
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Scaffolding Put Up For Whalebone Pier Repairs

UPDATE: Please note that the blue light has been repaired. Scaffolding has been put up on the Whalebone pier. To allow for the repairs of the blue light that was hanging as well as damage to pier point to be…
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Ethekwini Weather Warning Update

The public is urged to note that severe thunderstorms accompanied by heavy downpours are expected over most parts of KwaZulu-Natal from Thursday afternoon, 14 November into Friday afternoon. Improvement is expected from Friday evening. However, there will still be some…
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