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New Shoes For Comrades Novice

uMhlanga UIP supervisor Zincume Mbhekiseni or Lucky as he is known to the team will be running his first Comrades Marathon this year. This morning, Marshall Securityy gifted him with a new pair of running shoes and a hamper from…
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Suspects Apprehended Thanks To Number Plate Recognition Cameras

Thanks to camera technology and specifically the Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras within uMhlanga Rocks. Two vehicles that have been flagged by the police or other security companies for crimes in other areas, where highlighted by the cameras on…
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Protest Action Affecting Lagoon Drive

Please be aware that there is protest action affecting Lagoon Drive. According to local leaders of the business forum the protest is related to issues the local community has with private developments and construction contractors. The road is blocked and…
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UIP Security Team In Action

As uMhlanga Rocks gets busier, with more people visiting the Village and the April holiday season upon us, so the UIP / Marshall Security security personnel become more vigilant. It was this vigilance that resulted in 2 arrests, as per…
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uMhlanga promenade railing vehicle accident

Vehicle Accident

At 04:20 this morning the UIP Security team reported a vehicle wedged at the end of the servitude between Oyster Box and Beverly Hills Hotels. There was no driver on the scene and no injuries were reported. SAPS and Metro…
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Number plate recognition CCTV cameras installed in uMhlanga Rocks

CCTV Covers All Entry Points in uMhlanga

The next batch of number plate recognition cameras have been installed at the southern end of Forest Drive and Ridge road with another two sites still to come. The cameras pick up vehicle number plates and run them against the…
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