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City Revamps Millennium Stage

After a number of year of the UIP motivating to the eThekweni Municipality, the revamp of the Millennium stage at uMhlanga Main beach has begun. Walls have been waterproofed, smoothed and repainted; roof trusses repaired, replaced and repainted; new gates…
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Preparation For Winter Festival

The uMhlanga UIP is in the process of revamping the millennium stage at main beach in preparation for the Umhlanga Tourism Winter Festival running from 4th – 8th July 2019. With games and competitions for the kids and loads of…
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New Pedestrian Pathway

In an effort to better manage pedestrian movement and the illegal crossing at the Lagoon Drive extension intersection, the UIP are installing a paved pathway. The pathway will extend in front of the Village Green on Lagoon Drive and round…
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A Wet Easter Weekend

Considering the volume of rain over the Easter weekend and the damage to parts of KZN, uMhlanga Rocks was very lucky with impact limited to sand deposits, some damaged trees and of course litter on the beaches. The UIP team…
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Take A Seat This Long Weekend

In addition to moping up after the heavy rains, the UIP also managed to put the finishing touches on the bench restoration project underway along the promenade – have a rest on us this Easter weekend!
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Paper thorn Eradication

The proliferation of paper thorns along the promenade has proven a frustrating issue to manage. In addition to spraying the large clumps of thorns, the UIP team has also been pulling the thorns out by hand. Once the thorns are…
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